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We’re very glad you’re here! We hope you’ll find our church a friendly and welcoming place where we can proclaim the Living Word and serve the Living God together.

Service Times

We welcome you to worship with us on Sundays at 9:00 AM.

While we’d love to see you in person, you can also live stream our 9:00 AM service HERE.

Christian education for all ages is held at 10:30 AM during the school year. We also offer Christian education activities on Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8:00 PM.

Please head to our calendar page for the most up-to-date event listing and service information.

Contact Us

Questions? We’d love to hear from you! Just send us a message or give us a call.

What to Expect

Christ-Centered Services. Friendly Culture.

When you’re learning about a church for the first time it’s always helpful to know what to expect before you walk in the doors.

Where To Go and What To Do

When you visit Living Word you can expect a Christ-centered service (see more detail in the ‘worship services’ section below) and a friendly environment. 

You’ll be welcomed at the door by inside and outside greeters and find information immediately available at our Welcome Center just inside the doors. Please feel free to ask our greeters any questions you may have.

Join us in the sanctuary for our worship service and sit where you feel comfortable.

Typically we offer a staffed nursery with background-checked volunteers who love to take care of your very little ones (3 and under) during part of the service. Currently, our nursery is unstaffed, but it is open and available for parents to use with their own children. Children above age three join us for worship with their family.

After the service, you are welcome to stay for coffee and fellowship time and Sunday school for all ages beginning at 10:30 AM. 

    God's Word

    The first and most important thing you can expect from Living Word Free Lutheran Church is that we take the Bible seriously. We believe that it is more than just a book. It is the living and active Word of God and primary means of communication from God to us today. It’s not just stories. It’s true. You’ll see that reflected in our mission. You’ll see that reflected in our worship services. You’ll see reflected in our whole culture.

    Worship Services

    Having a little idea of what a Sunday morning looks like before coming to worship for the first time can be incredibly helpful as you prepare to visit a new church. Below is a good overview of what you’ll find on a typical Sunday morning at Living Word:



    • Services that are planned and executed around Scriptural content that flow from Jesus Christ as the center of everything. You will hear Scripture read, read Scripture corporately, participate in confessions of sin and faith that are either straight from Scripture or based on Scripture passages. You will hear a message that is uncompromising in our view of the Bible being the true and error-free Word of God.
    • Music and service elements that celebrate both old and ancient practices and new expressions of worship. We sing hymns and new songs of worship. We confess with the Apostles’ Creed and the Lord’s Prayer as well as confessions written for specific situations and occasions. God is not bound by time, so we believe it is important to use both old and new elements within the worship service.
    • Healthy tensions. Because God is both just and loving, we worship with reverence and joy. Some people worship with hands raised in celebration or surrender and some worship in quiet reverence. Because God did not come to heal the healthy and “cleaned-up” but the sick and those in desperate need of Him (which is all of us) you’ll see people dressed in everything from suits and ties to jeans and a t-shirt. Our God is the God of the rich and the poor, all colors of pigment in one race.
    • As God has existed before time and will exist throughout all time, we do not limit ourselves to only old or only new music. You’ll sing old and ancient hymns as well as brand new songs of worship that you might have never heard before, but withseveral ways to help you along the way so you will be undistracted in worship. Through all of this, content driven by the truths of God’s Word remain at the center of everything in the worship service.
    Music at Living Word
    We sing a large variety of music in a large variety of styles at Living Word. Below is a playlist of most of the songs currently in rotation. You can also head to our blog page where we give weekly updates to help prepare you for worship which include a playlist of the specific week’s songs.

    Our Location

    Living Word Free Lutheran Church in Sioux Falls is located just under the three water towers at 85th and Meredith, between Western and Louise Avenue, near Harrisburg. Meredith Avenue heads right between two of the three towers. Head South on Meredith and you can’t miss the church!


    I-229, which forms a small connecting loop between I-90 and I-29, has exits to Louise and Western Avenues. Exiting on Western from I-229, take it South to 85th street. Take 85th Street West until you see the three water towers. Take Meredith Avenue South (the street that the water towers border) and you’ll hit a gravel driveway that serves as the current entrance to the church parking lot.

    Exiting on Louise from I-229, take Louise Ave South to 85th street. Head East on 85th street until you see the three water towers. Turn South on Meredith and you’ll find us.

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