Prepare For Corporate Worship – August 23, 2020.

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We continue to look at the book of Proverbs as we gather for worship this coming Sunday.

We continue our look at the book of Proverbs this coming Sunday, with a look at Proverbs 3. Here are some insights and highlights for the upcoming service to help prepare your hearts and minds for worship.

Pre-service Countdown Timer

This week our timer will be showing quotes from Proverbs 17. We’d love for you to take a look while you’re waiting for the service to start!

Call To Worship

If you’re able to get (or tune in) to the service on time I would encourage it. We start each service with a Call to Worship from Scripture that helps adjust our hearts and minds and move us toward an attitude of worship and focus. Your week might not have gone well. Maybe your kids were fighting as you prepared for church. You could feel distracted. This part of the service helps act as a ‘reset’ where we can take a few moments to slow down and let God’s Word speak to us.

Sundays Songs

Below you’ll find a playlist of the songs we’ll be singing. We have been introducing the wonderful song ‘King of Kings’ for the last couple weeks and will sing it one more time before taking a break from it for a while. Don’t miss the triumph in the last two versus and the wonderful Trinitarian nature of the chorus. Note that our version of ‘I Sing The Mighty Power of God’ will be very congregational and easy to sing. This arrangement below is stunning and I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss it!

Sunday’s Message

Take a read through Proverbs 3 this week in preparation for Sunday. Pastor Kirk will continue looking at the importance of Godly wisdom in our lives.

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