Illustration outlining our desire to help keep the congregation safe during COVID-19.

The Church Council has had recent discussions on the guidelines and practices currently in place at Living Word related to COVID-19. Below, you will find updates to those guidelines and practices that have been agreed upon and are being put forth by the Council. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact council president Eric Folsland directly.

“In being faithful to Christ’s great commandments found in Matt 22:36-40, Living Word is sensitive to and appreciates all opinions and viewpoints on COVID-19.  Personal decision making, aligned with caring for your families and neighbors, is valued as a privilege and a responsibility.  It is a priority of Living Word to maintain an environment for all members and attenders to gather for worship and services as a source of strength, community, and solace.  

Living Word abides by the CDC recommendations on safe actions for Communities of Faith which can be reviewed HERE.  Based on this, the following are the practices put forth:

•    Minimize community sharing, including the offering plate, water fountains, and food during fellowship.
•    Promote social distancing at services and gatherings, including modification of communion practices.  
•    Encourage sensible health measures with the use of masks when social distancing is difficult 
•    Promote healthy hand hygiene practices, providing adequate supplies to do so.   
•    Encourage anyone who is sick or who has had close contact with a person with COVID-19 to stay home.

Many of these safety practices have been in place at Living Word since the start of the pandemic in March.  Now, six months later, with compassion for those most vulnerable in our population who desire to return to church, and a recognition of the increasing rate of community spread in our area, it is the Council’s desire to recommend masks for Sunday morning worship at this time. 

Due to limited spacing within the building, Christian Education ministries and activities held inside will require adults and students to wear masks in the classrooms and associated hallways.  Steps will be taken to minimize community sharing of supplies.  This applies to Sunday School (Kindergarten through High School, Preschool as able), Faith ‘n Friends, and Youth Group.  

Living Word’s Council will continue to evaluate and adjust these recommendations as the pandemic changes.  We love the opportunity to worship and congregate during these times, and the Council wants to ensure it is doing its part to minimize the risk of COVID-19 spread.  We ask that you please do your part to help us in meeting these guidelines.”