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More than just Sunday morning, music and meeting together

Worship ministry at Living Word reaches far beyond Sunday morning worship services. It is full of people that understand a Romans 12:1-2 lifestyle, that the entire life of a believer, and anything in it, is an act of worship. “Secular” work, washing the dishes, walking the dog; these can all be acts of worship offered to God, made pleasing and acceptable to Him by the blood of Jesus.

Although we understand worship as a much broader concept than just the worship service, there are several opportunities to be involved in corporate worship ministry at Living Word. 

Music Team

“Next to the Word of God, the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world.” – Martin Luther 

Living Word’s music team helps facilitate corporate worship during worship services as well as equips others to facilitate worship at small group functions within the church. Living Word is home to many excellent musicians (singers & instrumentalists) from a wide variety of preferences and backgrounds. We work hard to select music that fits well with the styles of the musicians we have in the church while creating unity, enjoying each others’ preferences, and continually working to strive toward excellence that helps the congregation worship God without distraction.

To be involved on the Living Word music team we ask that you:

  • Have a heart for God’s Word and an understanding of what it means to worship God and follow Him
  • Are proficient enough on your instrument or with your voice that you are able to come to rehearsals prepared to rehearse well
  • Are dedicated to practicing music outside of rehearsal

To get involved in the music team, contact the team leader by filling out the music and worship team interest and abilities form.

Food for the Soul is always in need of food items to stock the pantry and families willing to visit and deliver food.

Audio Team

Magnifying Jesus through Clear and Undisturbing Audio

Audio team members play a vital role in corporate worship services and events at Living Word. We’d love to have you involved on the team! Roles and responsibilities of an audio team member include:

  • Attending worship team rehearsals; setting up equipment and sound checking the team
  • Running the mixing console during worship services and tearing down equipment afterward
  • Recording portions of the service, usually the sermon
  • Occasional events outside the corporate worship services at Living Word

A basic knowledge of music is very helpful and we will train you how to use the mixing console if you aren’t familiar with it.

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